Cllr David Sims joins Labour Group

A message from Cllr David Sims, Corby Rural Ward

I would like to inform you that, after careful consideration over a period of time, I have eventually come to the conclusion that I could no longer agree with the route and course the Conservatives are taking, especially in Corby and the surrounding villages.

Therefore, I announced on Saturday 20 May (earlier than planned due to a leak) that I had joined the Labour Group. I believe this is the most likely way I can address and highlight the needs of the local communities. 

I have spoken to Cllr Kevin Watt, who I hold in high regard first as a friend and colleague. We have agreed to continue working together on the local needs and issues of concerns raised by members of the public and parish councils as we have previously.

Please follow this link to a news article which includes a statement I made on the reasons for my decision. Long-standing Corby Tory quits party, fires parting shot, and crosses floor to join Labour | Northamptonshire Telegraph (