Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle pub on High Street is now being marketed by Yates Estate Agents in Corby as a commercial property, with a restrictive covenant applying to both the pub and car park which will restrict their use to a Public House and the ancillary car park for the use of the pub only. View advertisement.

In mid July, the property was been marketed as a three bed detached house in the residential section of Yates’ website (and on www.rightmove.co.uk). These adverts were removed around 25 July.

A planning application to convert the property into a house was refused by Corby Borough Council on 19 May 2017.


Planning permission refused

Planning application reference 16/00512/COU to convert the Spread Eagle pub into a house was refused by Corby Borough Council on 19 May 2017. The Council said that the change of use would conflict with the Local Planning Authority’s objectives which seek to support and enhance community services and facilities, where appropriate by safeguarding them. They also said there was insufficient evidence that the pub was not economically viable or that all options for its continuance had been fully explored.

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The planning application was submitted by Mr William Masson and Mr Thomas Southall. More information can be found on Corby Borough Council’s planning portal at https://publicaccess.corby.gov.uk/publicaccess

Public reaction

Following a meeting of Cottingham Parish Council’s planning committee on 9 January 2017, attended by more than 40 local people, the Parish Council has opposed the planning application on the basis that the Spread Eagle does have community value and that it could be viable as a business under the right management.

The Borough Council received 24 objections to the planning application and 1 letter of support.

Application for ACV listing rejected

Cottingham Parish Council’s application to have the Spread Eagle Public House listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) has been rejected by Corby Borough Council’s Community Right to Bid Panel.

The main reason cited by the Panel for rejection of the application is that there was not enough frequent community activity in the building to demonstrate that this facility was essential for the social wellbeing and social benefit to the local community.

“The Panel agreed that there was not enough evidence to demonstrate the building is being used extensively by the local community. No substantive evidence could be found that showed the closure of the Spread Eagle Public House has lead to a significant local community detriment. There are two other alternative public houses and other community facilities locally that could accommodate the small number of community groups that have used this building previously.”

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History of the Spread Eagle in Cottingham

The current Spread Eagle pub was built in the 1960s, replacing the original Spread Eagle, a thatched cottage, that had operated as a pub on that site since at least the mid 1800s. For more information on the history of the pub, see the Cottingham History website, cottinghamhistory.co.uk/pubs-Spread.htm

In the late 1800s, there were five pubs in Cottingham (The Spread Eagle, The Royal George, The Crown on the corner of Rockingham Road and School Lane, The King’s Head on Church Street and The Three Horseshoes on High Street) and three pubs in Middleton (The Red Lion, The Woolpack and The Exeter Arms).