Village electoral ward changes – have your say

Consultation 30 May to 7 August 2023

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is conducting a review of the local government electoral arrangements for North Northants.

The existing local electoral wards are based on divisions of the former Northants County Council, and the electoral review aims to define new patterns of wards with the aim of ensuring the wards reflect community identity, provide for effective and convenient local government, and that each councillor represents an equal number of electors.

Following a 10 week public consultation, the LGBCE has published draft recommendations for North Northants which, if adopted, would come into effect at the local elections in 2025.

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These are the main changes, as they affect us in Cottingham and Middleton.

  • The number of councillors in North Northants would be reduced from 78 to 68.
  • The current Corby Rural Ward would cease to exist and the villages of Cottingham, Middleton, Rockingham and East Carlton would become part of an enlarged Desborough Ward, along with Sutton Basset, Weston-by-Welland, Wilbarston, Stoke Albany, Ashley, Dingley and the town of Desborough, which would previously all have been part of Kettering Borough Council.
  • There are currently three councillors for Corby Rural Ward (David Sims, Kevin Watt and Macauley Nicol) and three for Desborough Ward (Mark Dearing, David Howes and Mark Tebbutt). The new enlarged Desborough Ward would be represented by three councillors in total.

In their report (pages 9 and 10), the LGBCE notes the following: “We visited this area on our tour of North Northamptonshire. Our observations suggested that there were relatively few immediate links between the villages of Middleton and Cottingham, and the town of Corby, and that these villages would sit most naturally in a ward with other rural settlements. Equally, we observed that the A427 Cottingham Road/Westcott Way appears to be a very strong and clear boundary, with no pedestrian access across this road other than one subway in the vicinity of St Brendan’s Church and school.

“We retain an open mind, both on the boundaries of this ward and the name, and would welcome further evidence as to whether ‘Desborough’ is an adequate name for this enlarged ward.”

Councillor David Sims says:

“I strongly oppose the proposed boundary changes for Corby Rural, as they would undermine the historical, cultural and economic ties that bind the communities in this area. The rural areas have very different characteristics and needs. Corby is the nearest town where the local village communities benefit from utilising the services that Corby provides – employment, secondary schools, GPs, chemists and shopping, to name but a few. I urge the LGBCE to reconsider its initial proposals and respect the integrity and identity of Corby Rural as a coherent and cohesive community. In my view, there are several alternatives that could be explored to balance constituency size.

Please take the opportunity to have your say during the consultation period.

Have your say – 10 week consultation ends 7 August 2023

The LGBCE is consulting on the draft recommendations for a 10 week period, running from 30 May to 7 August 2023. They welcome all comments, particularly on the location of the ward boundaries, and the names of the proposed wards. The more public views they hear, the more informed their decisions will be in making their final recommendations.

You can submit your views through the LGBCE website North Northamptonshire | LGBCE, where you can also find more information and explore maps.

You can also email or write to:

Review Officer (North Northamptonshire)
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England
PO Box 133
NE24 9FE

Parliamentary constituency review 2022

Note that the parliamentary constituency review which was conducted last year moved our villages out of Corby Constituency and into Kettering Constituency. This means that, at the next general election, we will be voting to elect an MP for Kettering Constituency. The current MP for Kettering is Philip Hollobone (Conservative).