Welcome to The Mill !

From Pete Bowman, Chair of Trustees

As you probably know, the new hall project finally got planning permission last August. Since then, the Trustees and an enthusiastic team of volunteers have been beavering away on a wide range of fundraising ideas, from local events to lobbying national funding agencies.

And we’ve got our work cut out – our architects’ Quantity Surveyor has suggested construction costs that could be as high as £1.3 million!

Because we’re entering this new phase for the project, we felt we needed a new name for the hall – one that would reflect its location and also its surrounding heritage.

So welcome to ‘The Mill’!

The name is inspired by the old water mill on Mill Road which was a favourite of the late Keith Allsop, who kick started the new hall project over 15 years ago. As the entrance to the new hall will be on Mill Road, the name also ties in nicely with its location and we hope ‘The Mill’ will eventually become a vibrant and active hub for the whole community.

We also have a new logo that’s been expertly and generously designed free of charge by Charles Freestone of Wow Design in Middleton. He’s produced variations for different applications too, so the logo will work whether it’s on a small business card, in a newspaper advert or on the side of a building.

Over the coming months, we’ll be creating a new website and an updated Facebook page so you can follow the progress of this exciting project online, as well as through the village newsletter.

If you’d like to be part of the fundraising team, or if you’d like any more information, contact Pete Bowman on 770821 (email pete@LE16.com) or Tony Freeman on 770283 (email tonyfreeman48@aol.com).