The Man behind the Beacon

From George West-Robinson, Chair, Cottingham Parish Council

As you all know, Cottingham and Middleton have joined in the national scheme to light beacons as part of the four-day celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Our community beacon will be sited in the field next to the Dale, a short walk along footpaths from the Church. It will be lit at precisely 9:45pm on Thursday 2nd June, as will all the beacons throughout the UK.

So, that’s what you already know (hopefully!), but I thought you’d also be interested to hear how our beacon has come to be.

Well, it’s all down to one man – Steve Morphy – known to most of us from mowing verges and green spaces in the villages, producing the best pork I’ve ever tasted and delighting us all with pictures of calves bred from his herd of Highland Cattle. 

The brazier is constructed from welded horseshoes, and Steve has also provided the 12 foot mounting pole (a gas pipe, now painted green), which will be bolted into a base plate that he’s set it in concrete, with the landowners’ blessing of course!

Digging the hole for the concrete base was a true labour of love and brute force through solid limestone with pickaxe and crowbars!

On the night, Steve will be lighting the beacon and, when it’s all over, will take care of extinguishing, dismantling and removing it.   The base will remain in the ground so the pole and brazier can be re-erected whenever we need another beacon event. 

For all your hard work and attention to detail, Steve, all of it voluntary, I thank you on behalf of everyone who, like me, will ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaah’ at our community’s proud contribution to the national celebrations.