Village Store and Cafe  View map
2a Corby Road, Cottingham LE16 8XH, 01536 770097

Cottingham C of E Primary School   View map
Berryfield Road, Cottingham LE16 8XY
01536 771391,

Village Hall Annex  View map
Berryfield Road, Cottingham LE16 8XY (next to the school) 
Bookings (From £6 to £15 an hour)
Clive & Audrey Ashworth, 01536 771084

Methodist Church and Hall   View map  I  Church services  More
Corby Road, Cottingham LE16 8XH
Bookings (£5.50 an hour)
Lynette Muir, 01536 770094

St Mary Magdalene Church   View map  I  Church services I More
Church Street, Cottingham LE16 8XG
Rev Sian Reading, 01536 770237

The Dale (Cottingham Pocket Park)  More
Chris Owen, 01536 771127


Royal George View map
4 Blind Lane, Cottingham LE16 8XE, Accommodation available
Kevin and Debbie Gibson, 01536 660505

Spread Eagle   View map
1 High Street, Cottingham LE16 8XL
Landlord Rob Wainde, 01536 770610, mobile 07563 954681, email

The Naz Lounge @ The Red Lion  View map
7 The Hill, Middleton LE16 8YX
01536 771119 / 07955 493575, email
Naz Abdul

Rockingham CL Caravan Site  View map
Rockingham Road, Cottingham LE16 8XS, 01536 411299

Blackthorn Wood Golf Complex   View map
Corby Road, near Cottingham LE16 8XJ, 01536 403119