Proposed skate park

skatepark-crop2In Autumn 2014, potential skate park users agreed on the preferred draft design for the village skate park.

Skate Park visual 
Skate Park visual 2

Skate Park visual 3

They felt this design incorporated all the elements required to make the facility appealing to all skaters, bmx-ers and scooter enthusiasts. This draft design is subject to change, depending on the amount of funding that can be obtained. The working group has also agreed to go through a fair tendering process, which would mean that different play companies would be able to submit a design according to an agreed specification. The final design will be chosen by you, the local people.

This design now gives the working group a clear direction in terms of the amount of funding required – but now they need your help and support. The total installation cost would be £70,000 and, although most of the money will come from different funders, they will be looking to see if the local community has also made an effort to raise some money themselves. So the working group needs your ideas and help to raise some funds to support this project. Any amount, no matter how small, will help any funding bids.

If you’re interested in helping to raise funds and have some ideas for fundraising activities, please let Suzanne Preston know on 01536 463177 or email