Car crime alert

From Middleton Parish Council

In the last two weeks or so, there have been various incidents in which a group of men in a car have been seen trying car door handles in Middleton. Some items have been stolen from vehicles and one keyless entry car was stolen last week from a driveway. These incidents have coincidentally, happened around 1am but of course this is not to say that there is not a risk at other times of the day or night.

Please be vigilant in locking your house and car and removing contents that might make it a target. Police advice is to keep your car keys, and all keys, in a safe place away from your door as some car keys can now be cloned from a short distance through your door.

If you notice any suspicious behaviour which concerns you, please report it to the police with a registration number if you have one.

All incidents, whether with cars or your home, however large or small, should be reported to the Police by calling 101 or, if it’s an emergency and a theft is in progress, call 999. Remember if it’s not reported, it can’t be solved if thieves are targeting our village. Thank you.

Note from Cottingham News: We are also aware of a recent spate of break-ins / attempted break-ins to vans in Cottingham and the surrounding villages to steal tools. Again, please be vigilant and report anything you suspicious.