William Riddell Educational Trust

The Trust’s Chairman Paul Atkins tending William Riddell’s grave in Cottingham churchyard

In 1727, William Riddell founded a charity, leaving a sum of money and a field for training the apprentices of Middleton. In return, his will requested that the trust look after his grave in Cottingham church yard.

Almost 400 years on, the trust safeguards the capital and the field and deals with applicants, and the Trust’s Chairman Paul Atkins (left) tends the grave.

Every August, the Trust invites Middleton residents aged under 25 to apply for grants to assist with the costs associated with learning a trade, or profession, or for further education after leaving school. The amount given varies each year, depending on the number of applicants and interest rates.

If you’ve had a grant in the past, the trustees would love to hear from you. They’d also really appreciate donations so they can keep going for at least another 400 years.

Contact details
Richard Bamford
46 Main Street, Middleton, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 8YU